Make Me Hack

Hardware Hacking, Reverse Engineering and more …


This web site was started to complement the YouTube channel Make Me Hack and includes information, tutorials, description of tools and techniques for hacking and reverse engineering hardware devices.

The hardware hacking and reverse engineering process described in various videos is based on:

  • Information Gathering of hardware and software, to identify main device components, to locate UART and JTAG interfaces and to get the EEPROM content, the firmware file and the root file system
  • Using Side Channel Attacks with ChipWhisperer and his Fault Injection capabilities when everything else fails
  • Building a debugging friendly Emulation Environment, to run device’s binaries, using QEMU and a build system like “BuildRoot”
  • Techniques to analyse, hack, reverse engineer and modify the firmware using file system analysis, analysing the output on the system console, using the Gnu Debugger in the emulation environment and reverse engineering the firmware using open source software as Ghidra