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A Short Introduction of myself

I am an IT Infrastructure Manager with a strong and deep technical knowledge and experience in many areas related to IT infrastructures: cloud based infrastructures, networking, web servers, Oracle and mySQL databases, large Linux installation, virtualization environments, storage area networking, IoT and embedded devices.

I have a long-lasting passion for electronics and technology since when I was a child, for this reason I studied and got a Master’s in Electronic Engineering and an HAM Radio License.

I started working as a Digital Hardware Designer, but soon moved to a Unix System Administrator position and, later, to an IT Infrastructure Manager position.

I became a Linux enthusiast since the beginning: I installed Linux on my 486 PC with 4 MB of RAM in 1993, the year later, in 1994, I ran a Linux based Fidonet BBS, in 1999 I introduced Linux in the company I was working for.

I have always been interested in understanding how devices work, and I have always tinkered with various devices.

More information about myself on some other websites:

4 responses to “A Short Introduction of myself”


    Hi Valerio,

    I have been enjoying you videos. I find the facinating. Currently at episode 6. Question, what device would be good to start with, can get easily, an easier project, with some potential to do some interesting things with. Note like data feeds from sensors.

    About me, background programming, lots of data analysis mainly SQL. Some Unix but not used in 20 plus years, some playing with Arduino and raspberry Pi.

    Tip: I use captioning on the videos, so I don’t miss items. This is at the bottom of the screen, and sometimes your code is there. If there is a way to move this up the screen a bit, it would be useful.

  2. Valerio says:

    Hi Ripley,

    thank you for your appreciation.
    To start with hardware hacking I would suggest using what you already have, like some older and unused routers or other older equipment; if you have something with a lot of documentation online it is better.

    Thank you for the tip; happy to now that you use captioning that, by the way, from the third episode, are provided by myself and not automatically generated, so they should be accurate enough; unfortunately they take o lot of space in the bottom part of the video.

  3. Mike k. says:

    Gentile Signore, ,
    Ho studiato elettronica in Italia tempo fa . Ho sempre cercato di avere un maestro che potesse guidarmi a scropire i segreti dell elettronica . Gazie a D.I.O ho scoperto il suo youtube channel. Grazie per tutto.

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